REO Buyers Have the Right to Select the Closing and Title Company

There is good news for prior and future investors in Florida real estate! According to a recent survey conducted by the University of Florida of professionals across the State of Florida, the real estate market in Florida has probably reached its lowest point.

The market appears to be stabilizing, survey respondents said, citing an influx of money from investors in the United States and abroad looking for the best deals. Private capital, both foreign and domestic, is continuing to enter the State of Florida in search of quality investment deals. In addition, the survey reveals that more deals are expected to emerge as banks dispose of troubled properties.

According to the survey, the willingness of life insurance companies to invest again in commercial property is a positive attribute, but continuing dismal unemployment numbers, the difficult retail and office market and the difficulty in getting commercial banks to extend loans are all negative mitigating factors.

Given the difficult state of the Florida real estate market during the past few years, the University of Florida survey reveals the signs of stabilization in the Florida real estate market and the continuing attractiveness of investing in Florida real estate.